Acquire A Slowpoke Themed Trip In Kagawa Prefecture, Japan

A Japanese style hotel room filled with Slowpoke stuff.

Loosen up. You have earned it.
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Appropriate now, coming into Japan is hard, if not unachievable, thanks to the country’s vacation ban and quarantine necessities. If items alter and the country’s Covid-19 scenario improves, do I have a getaway concept for you.

As pointed out by Mondo Mascots, Slowpoke is now the tourism character for Kagawa. Allow Slowpoke, who’s acknowledged as “Yadon” in Japan, get you on a leisurely tour close to the prefecture.

Kagawa is a fantastic location to take a look at. It’s highly encouraged. The prefecture is famous for its sake, mother nature, and noodles. Lately, I wrote about hitting Kagawa’s udon trail. Have a seem!

If you get a prospect to take a look at, right after arriving at the airport, you can hop on a Slowpoke bus.

An aiport bus covered in Slowpoke.

Buses aren’t quickly.
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Another airport bus covered in Slowpoke.

They are gradual.
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If you really don’t want to fly to Kagawa, the prefecture is regarded for its ferries.

A ferry with Slowpoke on it.

Is this the world’s very first Pokémon ferry?
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Why not take one particular that has Slowpoke plastered on the walls, windows, and stairs?

A wall, a table, and a window inside the ferry that are covered with Slowpokes.

Noodle lovers need to recognize the udon visible cues.
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Slowpokes cover the stairs.

Slowpoke is seeing you. Always.
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Once you have arrived in Kagawa, remain at a handful of hotels with Slowpoke themed rooms. This sort of as this cramped Tokyu Hotel space in Takamatsu.

Two beds close to the wall, which is covered in Slowpoke.

These beds are a little too close to the wall!
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Very hot spring lodge Kotosankaku in Kotohira has a a lot far more calming-seeking room, wherever you can lounge all around just after a bathtub and choose items uncomplicated.

Ah, that’s better.

Ah, that is greater.
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The Shodoshima Global Resort overlooks Kashima Beach front on the Seto Inland Sea.

Another Slowpoke hotel room with a tatami area.

No notion about the view, nevertheless.
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If you go to Marugame, be confident to try to eat noodles! You can also remain at this Plaza Resort with Slowpoke rooms and fluffy comforters.

Because the character’s Japanese identify sounds like “udon,” the Pokémon has been marketing the famed noodle dish in Kagawa Prefecture considering the fact that 2015. Slowpoke has also coated mail trucks and mail bins in Kagawa. Because when you believe of the postal services, you feel of slow?

While that promotion seemed instead odd, to be trustworthy, the character’s latest PR force tends to make excellent sense. When you go on trip, you want to chill out. You want to unwind. You want to just take things slow. This sluggish, pink Pokémon is below to help.